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Jozac Publishers believe in and work on standards and quality. Our experience in publication (publishing) and peer-review across different disciplines makes Jozac Publishers the publication choice for many in the academic (scientific) and professional communities.

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Transfer Journals

Jozac Publishers deploys cutting-edge technologies and tools to facilitate our publication processes. If you wish to transfer a journal to us, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@jozacpublishers.com. We shall provide you with the necessary information before the finalization.

Propose (start) a New Journals

Jozac Publishers continue to expand, and we are ready to welcome new journal proposals for academic and professional experts. Please note that we only accept open-access journals proposals from institutions preferably.

If you have a good idea to start (propose) new journals in your discipline (research area), please get in touch with info@jozacpublishers.com with the information below:

  1. The new journal-title (check that title does not exist), scope, and motto.
  2. The description of the new journal (indicate why the new journal is needed and the purpose).
  3. A list of topics to cover (and not covered topics, if necessary).
  4. Article type (research articles, review, commentaries).
  5. The key potential editorial members’ profile.
  6. The new journal’s primary plan (frequency, peer-review, and others).
  7. A full Curriculum Vitae (CV) showing all publication records.
  8. Proposed Editor-in-Chief (if you intend not to serve as the Editor-in-Chief, please explain your intended role in the running of the journal).
  9. Your organizational profile.
  10. Describe where you see the new journal in the future (for example, five-time).

 If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact info@jozacpublishers.com before submitting a new journal proposal.

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Propose a New Book

We accept book proposals from different disciplines. JFP Publishers believe and are inspired by quality book publications (publishing). A good and quality book starts with a good concept, ideas, and a clear understanding of the topic (title) and the process.

Do you have a good and quality book concept and idea in your discipline (research area)? Then, contact us today, and we shall work you through the concept and idea to realize it.

To start the book concept and idea in your discipline (research area), please get in touch with books@jozacpublishers.com. Visit http://academic.jozacpublishers.com/index.php/books


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