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Authors of Jozac Publishers (JP) journals are encouraged to submit their author-video about the articles to be uploaded on our YouTube channel. The video aims to increase the author’s research (article), towards a wider reach and impact. The author-video can be articles published on Jozac Publishers (JFP Publishers), previous or current articles. The article can be in any JP journals (ASSHJ, JET, JAHCA, AV, JLLLS, AJBCPS, or WAJESP). Here are the wider benefits of author-video submissions:

  1. Increase the traffic to the author’s research (article).
  2. Increase the author’s research (article) to a wider reach.
  3. Increase the impact of your research (article).
  4. To provide the summary of your article.
  5. Provide the opportunity on the insight of your research (article), for example, practice, humor, context, lessons learned, and others.

Your author-video can be submitted following these guidelines:

  1. Summary your article using a video.
  2. Record your video presentation.
  3. Video length – 10 to 15 minutes.
  4. File size: 700 MB or less.
  5. Video Format: MP3, MP4, AVI.

Contact us at: with your questions, enquirers, concerns, and comments about author-video or submission (Submit via email any author-video more than 100 MB).

Author-Video Submissions Form

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