Academic Voices (AV)

Aim: Promoting academic voices.

Short papers (articles). Academic Voices (AV) presents the platforms for academics across disciplines to publish short papers (articles) like academic expression (brief paper), short essays, case studies, observation, a roundup from published work, trending academic issues, and research gaps. All papers will be published fast and circulated to the audience.

AV accepts SHORT papers (articles) submission ONLY from all disciplines and viewpoints. Types of accepted papers (articles):

  • Academic expression (brief paper),
  • Research experience
  • Reflective studies/essay
  • Hypothetical paper with data analysis
  • Commentary paper
  • Short essay
  • Case studies
  • Observation
  • Roundup from published work
  • Trending academic issues and research gap/s.

Importantly, fictions are not accepted, and all submission must be original, not published or under review in any journal.


All papers for submission be written in the English language.


No deadline for submission. The publication is continuous as articles (papers) are accepted.

Length of paper (article)

Submission article length should be between 1000 and 1800 words with references.


Any topic to interest academia and any discipline.


Short, simple, and straightforward abstract of not more than 150 words.

Layout and structure

Single-column text using Palatino Linotype, Font 10, and Justify. Use appropriate heading/s and subheading/s.

Reference format (style)

Paper (article) for submission should follow American Psychological Association (APA) style.

All papers (articles) are subjected to plagiarism check.

As a fast publishing process, the review process may not follow a conventional process. Academic Voices adopted two review processes:

  1. All submitted papers (articles) must be evaluated and recommended by two experts in the area before being accepted and published.
  2. Academic Voices editors have the final decision in determining a submitted paper (article) is accepted and published. The main evaluation criteria are 1) Can this paper (article) be good for scholars to read and understand?” 2) Any suggestion?”

Additional information

Submitted papers (articles) are accepted or rejected at the editorial level. The revise and resubmit approach is eliminated, and only minor revisions are required.

The review process is transparent, and authors’ names are revealed to the evaluators or reviewers.

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